Driving the narrative


Planning and Strategy a First The thought that counts.

When investors or self-funded entrepreneurs are considering starting a business or changing an existing one, the first step is to strategize if and how to move forward. Strategy and analysis are also needed when a company considers going on a marketing blitz by choice or when it faces a PR crisis by force. Evaluating options empowers clients to allocate resources – capital and personnel – as advantageously as possible, and this may include scrapping would-be-planned expenditures altogether, saving clients boatloads of time and money.

Data - a Strong Second Data is indeed King.

Planning in business - partnerships, employee compensation, new product lines, and ad campaigns - is much more effective when there is a focus on numbers, including but not limited to the owner's access to funds, company performance, industry statistics, and demographic data. Axle PR looks at those as part of the strategy and also does data research as a stand-alone service, especially numbers regarding the Jewish communities in the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and CT.

Core Messaging and Brand Words matter.

Many clients don't need services beyond the first two on this page. However, a company's Core Message (what services it provides, the items it sells, the company’s specialty, and its competitive edge) must be concise and needs to be consistently expressed on all platforms: Digital, print, audio, video, and in sales calls. When a company's Core Message is understood inside and outside the company, it makes the sales and customer care teams more effective because they all know what the company brings to the market, and there is less of a need for constant content changes in ads and other marketing materials. Indeed, we have crafted the Core Message for clients that run for years, literally, without change because if it's good, then, well, it's good.

Creative & Marketing Management Efficient and Effective

Axle PR oversees the creative efforts of clients - branding, ads, brochures, and mailers - and distributes those according to the planned strategy. If companies want to continue with their long-standing vendors, Axle's strategy and data services come in handy by guiding clients on the size of an effective brand budget; how to invest those funds, and to review proposals from vendors to ensure that those are needed, funded and according to plan.

Public Affairs: Media & Community Outreach Driving the narrative.

AxlePR helps clients channel their message through press and media opportunities as part of regular business work or for Crisis PR. This includes drafting and distributing press releases, talking with media on background, and arranging for clients to communicate with the news media. Companies often need to reach out to influential individuals and community members to move a project forward or to manage a PR problem. We maintain professional relationships with public officials, communal leaders and power brokers to facilitate outreach efforts between our clients and those players.